Suid Kaap Lylabell

Suid Kaap Lalila (Suid Kaap Lullabee {Suid Kaap Lilly X Middelpos Oscar 1} X Suid Kaap Omega {Suid Kaap Leza X Groenberg Rambo})

X Middelpos Oscar 1 (Lowen Buffel x Middelpos Dixie {Middelpos Trix x Groenberg Rambo})

Dynamite comes in small packages… The greatest always starts out small. Genetics is the most amazing thing ever and so fascinating. Lylabell is the smallest female in the litter from Lalila and Oscar. She looks like a replica of Tinkerbell at the same age. They share a few common ancestors like PZD Bastron, Suid Kaap Leza, and Janieka Vince. Even though Tinky herself is not in this pedigree, she shines through Lylabell like a little star.