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  • Hermien Young

    Uistekend. Bruno het so mooi geaardheid maar as daar moeilikheid moet kom sal hy nie stilstaan nie. Kan dadelik die verskil sien tussen bruno wat reg geteel is

    Monica Riana Sciocatti

    teenoor ander wat net dit doen. 😊

  • Gillian Engelbrecht

    My boy is just the best 💖🤗 Suid Kaap Luka 😁

  • Jason Fourie

    They are awsome excellent with children and are real family dogs will protect with their familys with teir whole heart. Can buy a suid kaap baby anytime

  • Annamari de Lange

    Ek het Suid-Kaap_Kerneels, wat 'n pragtige liefdes hond, hy het nie saam met kinders groot geword nie, maar volg my kleinkinders soos n skaduwee en wil net naby hulle wees. JY sal nooit spyt wees nie. Suid-Kaap Kerneels, is dood rustige hond MAAR sodra ek alleen is by die huis, kan ek niemand inlaat nie. Hy is geweldig beskermend teenoor my. Na my knie operasie was hy die beste verpleegster ooit. Heeltyd tussen my en n persoon.

  • Christelle Erwee

    To own a Suid Kaap Boerboel will be a dream come true for me. They are beautiful and lots of effort, love and dedication goes into their breeding and care.

  • Elize de Witt

    the best loving dogs. I have Gilliatt and Gina, can't go wrong ..

  • Nadia Roberts

    My 2 Suid-Kaap boerboels are the most loving, caring and protective dogs I ever had.

  • Rickus Truter

    We have 2 of SKB's dogs. You can ask for nothing more. Very obedient and protective of the family. Once they see you are at ease with people visiting you have absolutely no worry. But don't think of harming one of the family. There will be only one outcome. Wonderfull dogs.

  • Abigail

    Gabriel is 6.5 years old. His temprament is incredible. Great with kids, other animals...he is so chill and confident. Training him was easy. As far as protection, nobody gets near his family he instinctively makes sure he stands between you and others. Best boy I've ever had. Large, in charge and a bundle of love.

  • Lizelle Human

    My dog is super friendly. Breed from Suid-Kaap. Protects when needed, but when we are with him (to let him know guests are fine), he will lick/druel you dead for attention. My vet said.. 1 out of 10 you get this friendly Boerboel. Super Happy with him.

  • Wizard and Hannah’s owners

    The best temperament. I have 2 from them. Same father but different mother.

  • Kim Germiquet

    We have had three, and they have all had the most amazing temperament!

  • Liza du Toit

    Most loving dogs you will ever find! My boerboel is a gentle giant!

  • Marinda Heins
    Monica, my Frikkie is so beautiful and very soft natured..he is a giant and we love him to bits...part of the family♡
  • Corlette Grobler

    Hallo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I finally can sit down for a few minutes and talk about Blue Rain.

    Blue is just the most amazing puppy.  He is gentle and has an exceptional placid nature.  He is only post 11 weeks now and walks with me to the stables, sit when its food time and almost got house training under control.  From the start I said Blue will not sleep on the bed, however, this only lasted a day and he now shares my pillow with me J

    Blue might not be adhering to the breed colour standard but he is going to be a magnificent Boerboel.

    I want to thank you for the excellent service I have received from you.  It was a pleasure adopting my child from Suid Kaap Boerboele.  My entire interaction, from enquiry right through to me collecting him from the airport was a pleasure.


    Thank you again.  I will sending photos of the little man as time passes.

    Kind Regards

    Corlette Grobler |

  • Dorothy Erasmus Frans

    Suid kaap Monica is my kind sy bly in die huis, mooiste geaardheid my lewe.....


  • S’marie Engelbrecht – Kadima Boerboele

    I baught Suid Kaap Armaguera ❤️ she is now 6.5 months and she exceeded all my expectations
    Confirmation wise she is a stunner and temperament im beyond happy she has an amazing Temperament and also personality she is the total full package and i shes worth gold to us thanks Monica Riana Sciocatti and Marlene Sciocatti for this OUTSTANDING puppy.


  • Sunita Fourie de Villiers

    My 2 girls are sisters. Since I got them Maki loves water; Saki not! Just took this photo. They share our world with 2 cats and a 6 year old sheep as well as chickens. Best temperament ever.


  • Melissa Pressly

    Nala (Suid Kaap Midnight Blue)
    Just turned 3 yesterday. The best service we ever received from a breeder we are still in contact.
    She is very good with Kids and any other dogs her best friend is a Jack Russel×Beagle.Very loveable and good temperament.


  • Emmerentia Slabbert October 18 2019

    UPDATED: He lives with a 1,5kg Yorkie and most evenings, all 3 of my most loved beings share a couch! He's got a steady temperment, is dog and person friendly (big plus if you like to go walking) and has shown himself to be really trainable. Mostly - he's a stable, reliable companion with a lot of love to give. Suid Kaap is always available to give advice and tolerates my incessant need for sharing photos 😉 Monica is the best. These dogs are more their passion than their business. When a breeder takes care to vet their customers you know - the dogs come first. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


  • Jolene Potgieter
    We bought max (suidkaap Blue Rock) a few months ago, he is turning 9months next month and we had no problemsbwith him he's a healthy little boy with the most beautiful personality and his eyes are to die for👀❤️ Monica and her team was very friendly when we fetched maximus. 🤗His temperament is calm and playfull, he lives with other dogs also 🤣🐶.
    Thank you for max and your support throughout our journey.  ❤️Image may contain: 1 person, dog and outdoor
  • Brenda Scheffer

    We bought a Suid Kaap pup, named Hope. We fetched her, she was healthy and so beautiful. To this day, she has the best temperament out of all my boerboels. (Even better than the ones we bred) Hope is now six years old.

    We bought our Hope 6 years ago. This girl has the best temperament of all our Boerboels we had. She is amazing with kids. Still very protective, but not aggressive.
  • Shakira Boerboele

    Suid Kaap Boerboels are very good friends of us and we are also very lucky to be part of the Suid Kaap family. If you have a question they are always there to help and to be there for you!

    Suid Kaap Boerboels you guys and dog's are GREAT!!

  • Johan Nel – Njal Boerboele

    Johan to Suid Kaap Boerboele (SKB)

    August 2 at 8:18pm

    I would like to personally say thanks to Monica and her mother Marlene form Suid Kaap Boerboele today.
    It has been way over due, it’s not every day that you find a breeder/breeders that’s so dedicated to the Boerboel breed and breeding standards here is SA, then I’m not even talking about the amount of knowledge and dedication that they have even outside of their own kennel making them a very great team for advice no matter what the ask and whenever.
    Monica and Marlene thanks for all your advice and tips no matter the time or what day it is, it’s like a 24 hour 7day a week service where an Suid Kaap Puppy/dog owner becomes part of the Suid Kaap family.
    Of course speaking out of experience being an owner myself, it’s an Awesome Family to be part of and I would not trade it for anything at all.
    I’m sure that all the other family members of Suid Kaap will say exactly the same without a doubt.
    Each Puppy since the day when they are Born are so Special and Cared for with Love, Attention and Dedication by Monica and Marlene that you can feel that since the first time that you hold your new Puppy and look into their Eyes.
    Of course one can also see it in the pictures that’s captured and shared, making every Captured moment a Special Moment.
    Thanks Suid Kaap for making me part of your Family and even more, for allowing me to own such a Beautiful Suid Kaap Companion as Bismarck making Life Perfect in every way.
    I will for Ever and Ever be Part of the Suid Kaap Family.

  • Twin Siphiwe – Terrible Twins

    Terrible Twins Boerboels SABBS 0677824 welcomed Suid Kaap Zola 7 into our young Kennel.

    The aim of this post is not to showcase him but to share a testimony of two strangers brought together by this special Breed from our perspective. After passing the screening test, we then experienced what it feels to be a Suid Kaap client. While constant communication was a given, we could not help but notice the passion behind the Suid Kaap kennel through our communication with Monica Riana Sciocatti.

    What humbled the Terrible Twins was the fact that as soon as there was price difference between what we were charged for shipping and what the actual shipping costs was, Suid Kaap passed those savings back to us. That made us feel we are part of the family as they have been saying on their Facebook page.

    Thank you for walking the talk. The Terrible Twins Boerboels learnt a lot from this experience.

    Thank you Monica Riana and Suid Kaap. ZOLA 7 is in great hands.

    Twin Siphiwe

  • Isabella & Rocky Bath Clients from Zambie

    ‎Isabella Bath‎ to Monica Riana Sciocatti

    This is now our second baby we getting from suidkaap, our first girl lexa is so passive relaxed and good with the kids. Temperament out of this world and can only be done with love and care. Suidkaap is one of my favourite breeders always there ready to help. Monica you are one in a million. Thank you for all the times I just contact you to talk about this lovely breed you always make time I'm your busy schedule. Not only are you a fenominal breeder with exceptional dogs, you still care and love them even at their new homes.

    This breeder comes highly recommended.

    Keep your passion it see shows in your dogs.