Suid Kaap The Voice

Janieka Vince (Mizpah Kabamba x Janieka Alexis) X

Suid Kaap Touch of Clas (Suid Kaap Clover x Middelpos Oscar 1)

Voice is a son of Janieka Vince and Suid Kaap Touch of Class, what a smashing son he is! Indeed one of the most exciting youngsters at Suid Kaap Boerboele. He has an outstanding temperament and a kind and loving nature! He loves attention and is just a kind dog with no issues. He lives next to his dad, Vince and shares his kennel with his half brother, no issues and no form of dominance ever between these males, not something that you often see.

Voice is very special to us and rightfully so. He is a grandson to our golden girl, Suid Kaap Clover and Middelpos Oscar 1. Voice has has a beatiful head and is really nicely put together, not too much, good angulation, a nice topline, neck and stance.

The Voice is still a young and upcoming male, but I see something special in him, and I know for sure he will carry on the legacy of his daddy Vince.