Suid Kaap Omega

Suid Kaap Leza 88.1%  (Asthor Lyla 86.5% ( Asthor Lisa x Jakkalsvlei Baronne)     X    Elevation Karools 93%  (Hazenjacht Fiela x PZD Bastron)


Groenberg Rambo 92% (Middelpos Tessa II  (Sarunel Middelpos Bianca x Middelpos Jaap) X PZD Bastron ( Nostras Rocky x PZD Mika I)

SABBA 80% Linear

En/Ec: Null

Hips: TBT

Elbows: TBT


SABBS SP Register

Suid Kaap Omega is a son of Suid Kaap Leza and Groenberg Rambo. He shares 80% of the same lines as Suid Kaap Bismarck, his half brother.

Omega is a beautiful proud male, he has lots of self confidence and is always on the go and playful. Omega has a beautiful frame, he is a correct, light on his feat, has everything where it needs to be, he is not overdone or too big.

Omega breeds beautiful dogs and puppies; He is the sire of Suid Kaap Luna, Suid Kaap Heyns, Suid Kaap Wildfire, Suid Kaap Picasso and Suid Kaap Lalila.

We are watching his progeny closely and are very excited about them

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