Suid Kaap Genade

Middelpos Oscar 1 90.3 (SR)


Suid Kaap Clover 85.2 (SR)


En/Ec: None –  SABBS 81.9% LNR

Suid Kaap Genade is our smashing male bred from Suid Kaap Clover and Middelpos Oscar 1. Genade is a full and younger brother of Suid Kaap Touch of Class, a half brother of Suid Kaap Bismarck and Suid Kaap Stardust.

This male has my heart and he is full of love and confidence for us. He will protect us with his life and is always close to us. Genade recently sired his first two puppies from our multi sired litter, and they are gorgeous!!

Genade has a beautiful strong and broad head, he probably has one of the best heads I have seen in a long time. He is very alert and a true protector of our home. He is BIG male, bigger than Oscar and his line is close to our hearts, being a grandson of Admirals Suid Kaap Patrys makes him just a little more special.

Genada is a grandson of Janieka Vince, Middelpos DIxie(full sister of Middelpos Alpha RIP), Admirals Suid Kaap Patrys and Lowen Buffel.

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