Janieka Vince

Janieka Vince 88.4%
DOB; 14 January 2012​

HIPS:   A2:A2

ELBOWS:   2:1

En/Ec: Free

Janieka Alexis 90.8% –  Meester Koevoet 90.1 (Voorslag Douzer 92.5 X Meester Nina 83.2)
X Meester Zola 82.7 (Meester Patrys 86.3 x Welgeluk Dumba 88.4)
Mizpah Kabamba 86.1% – Mizpah Ruby (Mariepskop Petronella 86 X Max I)
X Mizpah Wildeboer 88 (Mizpah Cheeky (Oortjies) X Mervander Sweepslag 84.1)


  • 2nd in 9-12 months class @ SABT NATIONAL SHOW 2012
  • GRBC winner 9-12months males, Jnr Champion Male, Best Male @ Show, Best of Breed pup at show​
  • GRBC & SABT Show Mossel Bay 3FEB2013 2nd in class
  • SABT  SOUTHERN CAPE REGIONAL SHOW  2nd in his class 18-24 months
  • SABT POTCH REGIONAL SHOW 2013  –   2nd in his class 18-24 months
  •  Open Boerboel show SABT, 3rd in class 24m-5years, Family class champion male winner @ Mossel Bay open Boerboel show 10May2014
  • SABT Regional Show George 2014 2nd in his class males 2-5years.
  • SABBS  mossel bay show and appraisal – 3rd in his class and Family class champion male
  • SABBS Regional Show Southern Cape. 2nd in his class
  • SABBS SC Regional Show 2016 Regional Family Class Champion Male
  •  SABBS Riversdal Show – Class Winner 5years plus
  • SABBS Refional Show Class Winner 5 years plus, Res. Family Class Champion Male 2019

Vince, what a dog! Only one word to describe him, and that is awesome!! He is a superb show dog and a true blessing, we are proud to own him, not only because of his temperament, but also because he consist of 50% Mizpah lines and 50% Meester/Voorslag lines. He is big but not overdone; he can move and has the kind of personality that will steal your heart. He is a very easy going male, gets along with other males, pups, and even cats. We are pleased and PROUD to say his offspring also carries his amazing temperament and personalities!! He consists of many good dogs like Mazpah Wildeboer, Mariepskop Peetronella, Mizpah Ruby, Meester Koevoer, Voorslag Douzer and Welgeluk Dumba.

Vince plays a big part in our breeding program. Vince`s children are like their daddy, they have big hearts and lots of love to give, they are gentle and lovable but protective towards their families.  Vince is well known not only for his temperament and loving kind nature but also for the bond he makes with people who meet him, once you meet him you will never forget our big teddy, our gentle giant. Vince also has excellent hips for his age and size at 3years he scored A2:A2 on his hips!

Vince is the father of Suid Kaap Afrika(86.5%), Suid Kaap Tinkerbell(85.5), Suid Kaap Clover(85.1%), Jac-Lee Karlientjie(85.1%), Suid Kaap Olga(87.9%), Suid Kaap Hope(86.4%), and Suid Kaap Milla(84.6%) . Vince is a very good breeding male and betters himself in every mating!! we are so proud of you vince!! more than what we could ever asked for!