Suid Kaap Lilly

Suid Kaap Lilly  79% @ 12 months

Janieka Vince 88.4% X Asthor Lyla 86.5%

DOB: 9 Feb 2014

shoulder height: 62.5cm   weight 56kg

VH: Free EN/EC: Free

Achoevements: 3rd in her class 1a @ Mossel Bay open show 10/May2014

We lost lilly in Oct 2016 during her c-section….due to the vets`s negligence. Lilly had 13 puppies of which I hand raired all 13 and 11 puppies survived. I lost Bravehart and Klein Seunq at about 2weeks.

Thank you Lilly for your beautiful babies. I hope Lullabee will carry on the legacy you left for us