Admirals Suid Kaap Patrys

We recently lost Patrys just before her 8th birthday. She left behind an amazing legacy and we miss her so so much. RIP my darling…

SABBS 86.8
DOB: 23 September 2011

Father : Giant Tjokka 80.1%
Mother : Robyn Nemo 81%


​Patrys is the sister of Lakota, everything Lakota has, Patrys has a little less of. She is the winner of the 2-4 months female class and the second best female at the GRBC show Feb 2012 . She has good movement and a sweet kind  nature.

​She gets along well with other dogs and loves to raise puppies (she raised vince since we got him at 8 weeks, when she was 4 months old) Patrys is the mother of Suid Kaap Mia, Suid Kaap Clover(85.2%), Suid Kaap Wilson (85.1%), Suid Kaap Olga(87.9%), Suid Kaap Katy Perry(84.3%) and Suid Kaap Ben-Hur(83.8%)

Looking at patrys, she might not seem much BUT she breeds amazing pups, big litters and is a wonderful mother, qualities any breeding female should have. her pups are big and strong.
WELL DONE Suid Kaap Wilson, son of Patrys X Suid Kaap Karools who scored 85.1% in KZN at his first appraisal