What is included with my Suid Kaap Puppy

All our Suid Kaap Puppies are…

  • SABBS Birth Notified
  • 💉Vaccinated by a registered vet
  • 💊 Dewormed up to date
  • 📡 Microchipped
  • 🔬DNA Profiled and DNA parentage done
  • Vet-checked by a registered vet
  • Lifetime Support by us

What Food do we recommend for our Suid Kaap Growing Puppies

  • Royal Canin Mother and Baby Giant Starter
  • Hills Large Breed Puppy
  • Pro Pac
  • Wuma Plus

I dont want a registered puppy, do I need to have papers or pay for papers?

All our dogs and puppies get birth notified once they are 4 months old. We do not charge extra or less to register your puppy. This is included in our price and it is a rule that all puppies need to be registered by our registry, SABBS.

Does my puppy really need a Microchip?

A Microchip is important and a part of responsible pet ownership. A microchip provides permanent identification for your pet and gives them the best chance of being reunited with you, should they happen to go missing. SABBS also requires that all pups should be microchiped before being registered. Our microchips are inserted at 6 weeks by a registered vet.