Available Pups

Bookings are essential, a booking does not gaurentee that u will get a pup, deposits must be paid before you are guaranteed to have a pup. SKB may cancell a sale at any time. We have the right to only sell pups to approved homes only,  NO PUPS ARE SOLD AS FIGHTING DOGS, contract needs to be signed after deposit is paid. Deposit is non-refundable

Coming to visit???  please inform breeders if you have visited other breeders within the same week, visitors is unintentionally spreading disseases through contact like parvo from one kennel to the next. Try to limit your visits one breeder per day, wear a new set of clothes and shoes. Inform breeder so that disinfectant can be sprayed.

Puppies are only available to approved and loving owners, our pups are bred firstly to be loving family pets and family members. International puppy buyers can contact us directly at marlene@suidkaapboerboele.co.za or monica@suidkaapboerboele.co.za

Shipping can be arranged. All puppies that are booked that stays longer will be invoiced for a small daily kennel fee.

“We reserve the right not to let our puppies go to countries where dogs are used for food or fighting, either legally or illegally or where there is not a longstanding culture of true pet ownership unless we know the owners personally and have certain guarantees from them. These countries include but are not limited to: Nigeria, Angola, China, Korea, Pakistan, DRC and Afghanistan.”

Female and Males Youngsters Available

Suid Kaap Ayah X Middelpos Oscar 1

Suid Kaap Sabrina (Suid Kaap Matilda x Middelpos Oscar 1) X Suid Kaap Omega (Suid Kaap Leza x Groenberg Rambo)