Suid Kaap Touch of Class

Suid Kaap Clover 85.1%  (Admirals Suid Kaap Patrys ( Robyn Nemo x Giant Tjokka)     X     Janieka Vince  ( Janieka Alexis X Mizpah Kabamba)


Middelpos Oscar I 90.3% (Middelpos Dixie (Groenberg Rambo X Middelpos Trix) X  Lowen Buffel (Middelpos Kalahri X Lowen Leonardville)

SABBS Linear 80.3%


VH: None

SABBS SP Register

Touch of Class is the 2nd generation of Brindles bred by us. She, along with her progeny proves to be exceptional in every way we could have hoped for.

She is a fun-going, happy and naughty girl. She is the first daughter born to Suid Kaap Clover and her brindle- although is not as dark as her mother’s, is just as special. She is a full older sister of Suid Kaap Genade and a half-sister to Suid Kaap Wildfire and Suid Kaap Double 0 7.

She is the granddaughter of our beloved Admirals Suid Kaap Patrys and also the very beautiful Middelpos Dixie. Her grandfather from her mom’s side is Janieka Vince, so she is very very special to us. Touch of Class has excellent guarding instincts and is a very big functional female. She also came 2nd in her class at her first show in 2018.

She is the mom of our superstar 3. Suid Kaap The Voice, Suid Kaap Ayah, and Suid Kaap Black-Velvet. She is an excellent female and we are very proud of her. She has also been crowned the SC Family Class Champion Female in May 2019 with two of her offspring.