Suid Kaap Tinkerbell

SABBS 85.5%

Janieka Vince 88.4% (Janieka Alexis(Mester Koevoet daughter X Mizpah Kabamba) X Suid Kaap Leza 88.1% (Asthor Lyla X Elevation Karools(son of PZD Bastron I)



  • classwinner 2A, Sub Jnr Champion Female @ mossel Bay open show 10May2014.
  • George 2014 3rd in her class
  • SABBS Mossel Bay Show 3rd in her class
  • SABBS Southern Cape regional Show – 2nd in her class
  • SABBS Mossel Bay Show, Classwinner 2-5years(just 2years old), RES. Snr Champion

Tinkerbell has proven herself to be an outstanding breeding female, looking at her page- I realized that she needs a well-deserved re-write.

Her offspring are big and beautiful, and like her, they carry that amazing temperament. Tinkerbell is an all-around wonderful dog. She loves other dogs and she loves all humans. She likes to bark at something when she takes interest in “it”.

She has a beautifully broad and deep chest, thick bone structure and a beautiful top line and neck. She is light on her feet and is an easy-going dog.

Her offspring includes dogs that have done extremely well in their show careers. Mainly Suid Kaap Stardust and her younger sister Suid Kaap Melody. Her grandchildren- Suid Kaap Sabrina have also had a very successful show career so far.

Tinkerbell is the first daughter of Suid Kaap Leza, second generation of Suid Kaap Boerboel bloodline. She is a grand daughter of Elevation Karools 93.6% (grandson of Bosvlei Kasper die Spook-world Champ @ his time) & Janieka Alexis 90.7% she is a great grand daughter of Meester Koevoet who is a son of Voorslag Douzer(both world champions in their time)

Tinkerbell is the half-sister of Suid Kaap Bismarck and in a class of her own. She is our heart dog and will forever stay with us. We adore her and her silly nature.