Suid Kaap Starlight

Janieka Vince 88.4 SP x Suid Kaap Stardust 84% SP



Suid Kaap Starlight is the eldest daughter of Janieka Vince and Suid Kaap Stardust. She is the full sister of Suid Kaap Hazel, which we lost in late 2020. Starlight carries on the legacy of her sister, and that is why we named her daughter, Haylyn. A tribute to her sister Hazel.

Starlight is the very best of who we are, she is our 4th generation and a granddaughter of Middelpos Oscar 1.

Starlight is a fun, loving girl and her temperament is just as outstanding as her sire and dam’s. She is line bred back to Vince and we are very pleased to say she is VH free and also carries herself with grace and elegance. She has a good neck, stance, broadness, and still remains feminine and graceful. She has been appraised for the 1st time and we are very proud of her score on the new linear appraisal system.

Her line includes national and Regional champions like ;  Suid Kaap Leza, Suid Kaap Tinkerbell, Middelpos Oscar 1, Middelpos Dixie, Groenberg Rambo, Meester Koevoet and Voorslag Douzer.