Suid Kaap Mia



SABBS Linear Appraisal: 82.7%

VH: None

En/Ec: None

Admirlas Suid Kaap Patrys 86.8 (Robyn Nemo ( Robyn Marmite X Mouzer Chips)     X     Giant Tjokka  ( PZD Emily X PZD Bullet)  X

Suid Kaap Afrika 86.5 (Janieka Vince (Mizpah Kabamba X Janieka Alexis) X  Asthor Lyla (Jakkalsvlei Baronne x Asthor Lisa)

When it comes to Mia she is probably the most overlooked female, but behind this feminine and athletic female are the lines of some of the oldest lines like Piona, Avontuur, Mizpah, Asthor, Nostras, Mouzer, and Meester. Not only does she come from old and respected lines, but Mia is also one of our best breeding females and mothers. She has more than enough milk and whelps naturally, she raises her babies with lots of love and she protects and guards them with her life.

Mia is clear of VH, En/Ec, and also breeds healthy dogs.

Mia proved herself as a breeding female of note for us.