Suid Kaap Matilda

Suid Kaap Tinkerbell 85.5%  (Suid Kaap Leza ( Asthor Lyla x Elevation Karools)     X     Janieka Vince  ( Janieka Alexis X Mizpah Kabamba)


Middelpos Oscar I 90.3% (Middelpos Dixie (Groenberg Rambo X Middelpos Trix) X  Lowen Buffel (Middelpos Kalahri X Lowen Leonardville)

SABBS Linear Appraised: 79.5%

En/ Ec: None

VH: None

Matilda is also a 3rd generation of Suid Kaap bred Boerboele.She is the daughter of Suid Kaap Tinkerbell and Middelpos Oscar I, granddaughter of Janieka Vince, Suid Kaap Leza and Middelpos Dixie(daughter of Groenberg Rambo).

Matilda is a big beautiful female with a very nice head and special character. She has proven herself as an outstanding breeding female in her 2 litters that she has given us so far. She is the dam of Suid Kaap Sabrina and Suid Kaap Armaguera to name a few.

She is a younger full sister to Stardust. Her bloudline is also filled with wonderful dogs like Groenberg Rambo, Middelpos Trix, Meester Koevoet, Voorslag Douzer and then way back Bosvlei Kasper die Spook, Bosvlei Groot Kokedoor, all dogs who was National Champions.

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