Suid Kaap Lullabee

Middelpos Oscar I 90.3%  (Middelpos Dixie( Groenberg Rambo x Middelpos Trix)     X    Lowen Buffel  (son of Middelpos Kalahari)


Suid Kaap Lilly 79%  (Janieka Vince (Mizpah Kabamba X Janieka Alexis) X  Asthor Lyla (Jakkalsvlei Baronne x Asthor Lisa)

SABBS: 80.5% appraised on linear system.

VH: None

En/Ec; None

Lullabee is one of our 11 hand raised Lilly babies. She is a beautiful all round female, she has a good structire and still remains very feminine, she has excellend hind quaters and a beautiful deep chest. Lullabee is also a very good watch dog but still very friendly and happy-go-lucky.

When you look at her you see true beauty, she has so much of her mom in her and is also so very special to us. She is a granddaughter of Asthor Lyla and Middelpos Dixie. She also has Middelpos Trix, Ashor Lisa, Middelpos Kalahari and Janieka Alexis as great grandparents.