Suid Kaap Lullabee

Middelpos Oscar I 90.3%  (Middelpos Dixie( Groenberg Rambo x Middelpos Trix)     X    Lowen Buffel  (son of Middelpos Kalahari)


Suid Kaap Lilly 79%  (Janieka Vince (Mizpah Kabamba X Janieka Alexis) X  Asthor Lyla (Jakkalsvlei Baronne x Asthor Lisa)

SABBS: 80.5% appraised on linear system.

VH: None

En/Ec; None

If there is ever a dog that will steal your heart and engrave herself into your soul- it has to be Lullabee. This female version of Oscar has one of the most unique temperaments and characteristics that we have ever seen. Lullabee is one of our 11 hand raised Lilly babies. Making her very close to our hearts and a wonderful representative of her mother, Lily.

She is a beautiful all round female, she has a good structire and still remains very feminine, she has excellend hind quaters and a beautiful deep chest. Lullabee is also a very good watch dog but still very friendly and happy-go-lucky.

When you look at her you see true beauty, she has so much of her mom in her and is also so very special to us. She is a granddaughter of Asthor Lyla and Middelpos Dixie. She also has Middelpos Trix, Ashor Lisa, Middelpos Kalahari and Janieka Alexis as great grandparents.

Lullabee is the dam of Suid Kaap Luna, as well as our Suid Kaap Lalila and Suid Kaap Nightingale.

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