Suid Kaap Clover

Admirals Suid Kaap Patrys 86.1  (Robyn Nemo ( Robyn Marmite X Mouzer Chips)     X     Giant Tjokka  ( PZD Emily X PZD Bullet)


Janieka Vince 88.4% (Janieka Alexis (Meester Koevoet X Meester Zola) X  Mizpah Kabamba (Mizpah Wildevoer X Mizpah Ruby)

Suid Kaap Clover


  • Mossel Bay Show 2015 – 1st in her class
  • SABBS NATIONALS 2015 – 3rd in her class
  • SABBS Mossel Bay Show 2nd place in her class
  • SABBS SC Regional Show – Classwinner
  • SABBS 85.2%
  • VH: Free
  • SABBS Stud Register
  • Weight 69.3kg @ 11.8months

Clover is a lovely ultra brindle daughter of Janieka Vince and Admirals Suid Kaap Patrys. Like her mother she is feminine with a ton of energy.

Clover is such a wonderful kind dog, she has her fathers golden heart and her mother’s protective instincts. She is feminine and loves to be a “mother” to the younger puppies. Clover has had her first litter of puppies, one male and one female. She has proven herself to be a wonderful mother and whelps very easily. She loved and adored her puppies. Toutch of Class, her daughter is just as special and every now and then when we are not looking Clover will give her a full bath from head to toe.

She was also a bronze medal winner at the SA National SABBS Boerboel Show in Sep 2015, which was a great achievement for us. She is a younger sister of Suid Kaap Olga 87.9% and a half and almost full sister to Suid Kaap Ava 85% , Rafiki 84.*% and Olivia 82.*%