Suid Kaap Black-Velvet

Janieka Vince(Mizpah Kabamba x Janieka Alexis) X Suid Kaap Touch of Class(Suid Kaap Clover x Middelpos Oscar 1)

En:Ec: None   VH: None

This stunning Ultra Brindle female is a daughter of Janieka Vince and Suid Kaap Touch of Class. A granddaughter of Middelpos Oscar 1 and Suid Kaap Clover. Black-Velvet is the full sister of Suid Kaap The Voice and a half sister of Suid Kaap Ayah- from the same multi sired litter. She is just as special as her brother and sister!

Ive waited so long for another ultra-brindle and when Black-Velvet was born I knew she was the one…our gift. Not only is she an ultra-brindle but, Black-Velvet has an incredible resemblance to her grandmother Clover and she has the same loving kind nature but also very protective towards us.

She has an excellent structure, angulation, topline and stance and is very balanced for her age. She is currently expecting her first litter from Middelpos Oscar 1, we are very excited to see what she will produce for us.

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