Welcome to the website and home of Suid Kaap Boerboele.

Suid Kaap Boerboele (SKB) was founded in 2007. This year (2022) is our 15th year of breeding boerboels. Our very first dogs was from the Avontuur/Piona lines Asthor Lyla and Jakkalsvlei Pluto, who also had some Selborne bloud. Today you can still find and see Lyla`s line and influence on our dogs, we are fortunate and blessed to be able to say that she has playd such a big part in our line!  Her line runs deep in our dogs and you can spot her offspring easily. They are correct with wonderful movement and temperaments.

We have so much to be thankful for. Our dogs are doing us extremely proud and we cannot be more blessed. Some of them include Suid Kaap Bismarck and Suid Kaap Isaac- owned by Johan Nel, Suid Kaap Melody who in 2018 won the KZN Grand Champion Female title – owned by Hannes Bestbier, Suid Kaap Oskar who is doing extremely well in his show career in the Eastern Cape – owned by the Rheeder family and lastly I also want to mention Suid Kaap Arnold, owned by Samone Oosthuizen; Arnold is a working, fit and prime example of how a boerboel should be.

Our dogs all form a part of our family and they are our daily life, their health is very important to us, we work very closely with our vets – mainly from Dana Bay Vets, and we are extremely thankful for their input, dedication and love for our dogs. They always come first. We have learned so much from our fellow breeders and some who become very close friends… each day is a new learning experience and we often spent hours on the phone for advice from them and they with advice from us. Its a wonderful world were we do support each other allot.

Honesty is our policy. We are honest, upfront breeders who put our dogs well-being first above anything else. Since 2007 we have learned allot and we still do every single day, our dogs are our family and hobby; this is how we choose to spend our time and we cannot feel more blessed with these dogs.  They instantly steal your entire world and life and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As breeders it is very important for us to tell the buyers everything we can, about the puppy, its health, parents health and everything we are aware of in the line.  They are microchipped and are examined by our vets. We are available daily 24/7 for our puppy owners and advice and help comes with your puppy.

We never started breeding to be the best or own the best, we started because we love and adore this beautiful breed, and they are the best guard and family dogs. Once you own a boerboel there will never ever be another breed that your heart will belong to. We want to improve on temperaments and to show people what a true boerboel is. We strongly believe that every Boerboel can have an amazing temperament with the teamwork of the responsible owner, the breeder and the boel.

Boerboels are extremely addictive dogs. They come into your life and they take over completely. They give you so much love and their personalities are like no other. Once a boerboel owner always a boerboel owner. They are large, broad and loyal protectors and can also be so kind and loving at the same time to their families.

I hope you will enjoy our website and dogs just as much as we do and that you now know a little more about us and our dogs.

We hope you come back soon to visit our website for updates.

Suid Kaap Boerboele are proud members of SABBS , SA Stamboek and the Western Cape Boerboel Club